MaxRecruit: Easy job distribution and optimization across top aggregators

Performance-based MaxRecruit ensures your job is seen by the right people at the right time.


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Get your job distributed as widely as possible with MaxRecruit®.

With performance-based MaxRecruit, we've taken the guesswork out of deciding which job sites to use. Your job will be automatically distributed to top aggregators, including:

  • Indeed®
  • Glassdoor®
  • Jobs2Careers
  • Nexxt®
  • ZipRecruiter®
  • And 25+ others

Be sure to read our guide on how to get the most from your MaxRecruit job posting.

Benefits of MaxRecruit:

  • Industry-leading results. In recent tests, MaxRecruit delivered an average of 61 click-applications per ad vs. the industry average of 20.**
  • Stay on top of changing market conditions with ActiveMonitoring™. MaxRecruit constantly monitors your job across all aggregators, and adjusts its placement and cost-per-click, ensuring you get optimal results.
  • Place once, worry less. MaxRecruit is easy to manage. Simply post the job and the rest is handled by us.
  • With MaxRecruit Plus, set a custom advertising budget and apply it to one or multiple jobs. Our ActiveMonitoring technology dynamically allocates advertising dollars, ensuring that you get the most from your recruiting budget. The custom budget feature of MaxRecruit Plus is ideal when you need a large number of candidates, or for that "hard-to-fill" role.
    • Add additional budget to their account, on a one-time or recurring basis
    • Automatically replenishes the campaign budget from the account balance:
      • When the budget runs out
      • At the beginning of each month
    • Set a campaign budget goal with various spend options:
      • over a certain number of days (10, 20, 30, 45, 60)
      • By end of month
      • By certain date
      • Optimize budget spend regardless of timeframe
    • Ability to move unspent campaign budget back into the account balance
    • Subscribe to emails notifying you when the budget is low

** Job Board Doctor 2018-2019 Global Recruitment Site Trends Survey

Which MaxRecruit do you need?

  • MaxRecruit distributes your job to top aggregators and optimizes its placement for broadest impact.

Which MaxRecruit do you need?

Great for ... All jobs
Automated job posting distribution
Active Monitoring technology to track job post performance
Automated budget optimization
Automated job post duration management
Job posting performance reports
Posting to top recruitment sites, including:
Glassdoor®, Jobs2Careers®, Nexxt®
Indeed®, ZipRecruiter®

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